How happy do you think expats are in Denmark?

Is it possible that despite Denmark being a great country with all of its amazing benefits and lovely people, expats arriving to the country might still feel it is difficult to settle in?

As it turns out, and much to our surprise as well, an Expat Insider Survey conducted by InterNations revealed that Denmark scored 63rd out of the 64 countries investigated on the Ease of Settling Index. Regardless of the country, expats share similar challenges in the new country.

Recall the last time you went through an anxious period, or when you felt extremely lonely. How did it affect your skills? How did it affect your family/relationships? How do you think it affected people around you in general?

Having lived in many different countries ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be. Due to the lack of meaningful connections, loneliness often comes up as the biggest issue, which leads to stress and anxiety. This is further complicated by language barriers and the identity crisis that comes up as a result of the moving.

This affects organizations as well. As a result of all this unprocessed frustration, expats will either leave the company before they finish their contract, or their work will be severely affected. This permeates into the company on all levels from top to bottom, potentially causing further frustration to everyone involved.

Whatever the case is, having expats in your company who can manage the transition well, are capable of adjusting, have a good social life and balanced relationships will help your organization and team become its best iteration.

Through our work with private clients and companies, we found that there are key areas that need to be addressed in a holistic manner. These are: the lack of network, language barriers and issues that show up within the relationship (not just romantic ones) as a result of poor change handling. Our team of career, health and language experts created a well-rounded support system that addresses all the key areas.

Meet Our Team

Gabriela comes from a background of HR consulting and recruitment, personal development, and corporate training with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has worked with companies of all sizes and showed her clients how to re-establish their professional purpose in a new country. Gabriela did not only excel as a coach, but also as a trainer and consultant. Her ability to shift between the different roles is something that will really accelerate your personal development. As an established International Career Strategist, she has worked with many driven leaders who wanted to evolve their careers abroad or wanted to transition into their new role with success. She is here to help you fulfill your ambitions and embrace uncertainty.

Diana, our community and well-being expert has shown her clients over the years how they can achieve and experience sustainable work-life balance by discovering their personal values and knowing their priorities. According to her, each step in the process needs a different response, attitude and skills to manage. She swears by the power of community, as she has seen how it can make the transition easier through sharing these challenges with like-minded people. She will help you understand the stages, challenges and struggles of adaptation and acclimatization better.

Norbi, our language expert, has shown his clients how they can learn a language faster and more effectively, without needing a teacher by using accelerated language learning strategies. According to him, this is more than learning a language, as you acquire skills that can help you react to the changes in your environment faster and more effectively. You will not have the time you want for learning a new language, but with his techniques you will still be able to get there in no time. He will not only help you with learning a language but will also provide you with strategies that you can use when it comes to mastering any skill.

Our Offer

People joining our program will have access to our online library of resources (courses), and they will participate in individual and group coaching sessions. The individual sessions provide the opportunity to work on the most relevant issues, while the group coaching sessions provide great insight and also act as opportunities to build meaningful connections.

Even our smallest package has a duration of six months, making sure that we provide the long-term support that is needed for the transition with six individual sessions and bi-weekly group sessions. If you happen to miss a session, you will be able to watch a recording of it afterwards.

Although the sessions are held online, the first group meeting takes place in person. On top of that, we also have live meetings once a month, to further deepen our connections.

Let's Talk

We look forward to assessing your needs. Contact us when you are ready to come aboard this journey.