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Who We Are

We are a personal and corporate expatriate consulting company based in Copenhagen. We currently work with Danish companies to support their international employees during career transition and change.


We Specialize on Expatriate Careers

  • Expat Relocation
  • Spousal Support
  • Career Transition
  • Career Change
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Job Performance
  • Personal Growth
  • Language Learning
  • Skills Development
  • Family Life
  • Empowerment


We founded Evolve Careers on the principle that career transition and change is inevitable in the current work environment.

Navigating career change as an expatriate is challenging and often confusing. On top of challenges that anyone would have to deal with, expatriates are faced with loneliness, isolation and cultural differences, language barriers, lack of network and social support. We believe that with the right professional support, challenges can be transformed into opportunities and growth.

What We Do

Due to the current global job market challenges, we customize our services on helping companies to deal with massive layoffs. Our services help their employees who are facing job loss and career transition. We offer options and strategies for them to move forward through these turbulent times, into discovering new career and life opportunities.


Our Services are Tailored

  • to Companies with International Employees
  • in Packages Based on Your Needs and Budget
  • to Suit the Needs of Your Team and Company

Expats are faced with a particularly challenging situation when changing jobs. They tend to be highly skilled workers, but they need specific assistance with job hunting as they are less familiar with the Danish job market demands. Our proficiency in multiple languages and our cross-cultural competence gives us the competitive advantage to easily adapt specifically to the needs of expats.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services


Employees laid-off because of reasons relating to the business

We help individuals bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job or career by providing guidance to job search strategies, personal branding and self-management tools.


Employees laid-off because of outdated skills in the workplace

Employees with outdated skills and experience can receive support with redefining their career path and upgrade their employable skills to transition successfully into a new career.

Employees impacted by layoffs can be assisted with:

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    1-on-1 Coaching

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    Networking & Community Support

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    Group Coaching

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    Emotional & Mental Support

  • null

    Career Transition Consulting

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    Career Strategy & Planning

How We Work

Each client is different, and effective work with expatriates means first recognizing that career development is a life-long and complex process. We strive to understand our client’s unique experiences and then working with the presenting needs through the individual coaching sessions.


Expatriate Careers - Layoffs Transition Program

A client-centered program that highlights 5 key areas of support

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    Supporting clients in moving forward by remaining flexible in our approach, provide relevant discussions and concrete interventions. The group coaching is providing accountability, motivation and social support.

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    Supporting clients during career planning and job search, skills assessment and self-management, to develop career resilience and become a self-directed learner.

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    Supporting clients around health and well-being issues such as dealing with stress and loss, as well as creating sustainable habits and routines.

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    Supporting clients through all the phases of transition from anger, depression to acceptance and becoming more resilient to future life transitions and challenges.

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    Supporting clients with family and relationships challenges during their time of career transition and change.

See how we assist each client through these five key areas on our virtual coaching platform

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People joining our program will have access to our online library of resources (courses), and they will participate in individual and group coaching sessions.


  • The individual sessions provide the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with an assigned coach, on the most relevant issues.
  • The group coaching sessions provide great insight and also act as opportunities to build meaningful connections.

Although the sessions are held online, the first group meeting takes place in person. On top of that, we also have live meetings once a month, to further deepen our connections.


Our Signature Package

  • 12 Sessions Group coaching

  • 12 Sessions of 1-on-1 coaching

  • All inclusive access to our online coaching platform

  • On-going support from our coaches

  • Lifetime access to 36 online courses in various topics

  • Lifetime membership to our community

We also provide custom packages based on your needs and budget with a minimum duration of 3 months.

After an in-depth discussion, we build a plan to suit the needs of your team and/or company. The custom package gives access to curated courses, group and individual coaching sessions, as well as access to some of our online courses.


Need guidance to help you successfully ease the transition & get assistance for your employees?

Meet Our Team

Gabriela Tardea

Gabriela comes from a background of HR consulting and recruitment, personal development, and corporate training with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has worked with companies of all sizes and showed her clients how to re-establish their professional purpose in a new country. Gabriela did not only excel as a coach, but also as a trainer and consultant. Her ability to shift between the different roles is something that will really accelerate your personal development. As an established International Career Strategist, she has worked with many driven leaders who wanted to evolve their careers abroad or wanted to transition into their new role with success. She is here to help you fulfill your ambitions and embrace uncertainty.

Norbi Hart

Norbi, our language expert, has shown his clients how they can learn a language faster and more effectively, without needing a teacher by using accelerated language learning strategies. According to him, this is more than learning a language, as you acquire skills that can help you react to the changes in your environment faster and more effectively. You will not have the time you want for learning a new language, but with his techniques you will still be able to get there in no time. He will not only help you with learning a language but will also provide you with strategies that you can use when it comes to mastering any skill.

Diana Petrova

Diana, our community and well-being expert has shown her clients over the years how they can achieve and experience sustainable work-life balance by discovering their personal values and knowing their priorities. According to her, each step in the process needs a different response, attitude and skills to manage. She swears by the power of community, as she has seen how it can make the transition easier through sharing these challenges with like-minded people. She will help you understand the stages, challenges and struggles of adaptation and acclimatization better.

Meet Our Collaborators

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    Flavia Cardas

    Researcher & Psychotherapist

  • null

    Zarrina Mukhamedova

    Career Coach & Talent Management Analyst

  • null

    Mads Damgaard

    Erickson Professional Coach

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